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Hey StyleCeleb.

Its Julissa here! Today was a very rainy day in New York,  I decided to go for a comfortable look. All the pieces I am wearing are fashionable and affordable!

From Head to Toe:

Hat $6: I got lucky with this hat. I snagged this in Brooklyn at a flea market. it has been a big hit since 2011.

Scarf$5: One thing you have to love about New York is the street vendors! I love this scarf its dark orange color sets the tone for the fall season

Black long-sleeved top $10: This was an easy buy  from K-mart, it’s from my favorite collection , Nicki Minaj Of course!

Faux Brown Leather Vest $7: This vest is from Conway, sadly these stores shut down last year. This vest goes with just about anything!

Blue Vintage  Christian Dior Robe:  You really can’t tell but if you look on my right side you may see some blue, I am actually wearing a vintage Christian Dior Robe. Never be afraid to convert a thin robe or pajama top into an outdoor look! I Believe with the confidence and creativity you can make it work! i,ve done it millon timmeesss

Pants $9: I snagged these pants from K-mart for just 9 bucks! They are from the Nicki Minaj Collection.

Air Jordan  14’s Sneakers: A lovely gift from my Boyfriend 🙂

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  1. alexiackelly says:

    Love this 🙂 check me out!! Alexiackelly.wordpress.com

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