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Hey StyleCeleb.

Its Julissa here! Today was a very rainy day in New York,  I decided to go for a comfortable look. All the pieces I am wearing are fashionable and affordable!

From Head to Toe:

Hat $6: I got lucky with this hat. I snagged this in Brooklyn at a flea market. it has been a big hit since 2011.

Scarf$5: One thing you have to love about New York is the street vendors! I love this scarf its dark orange color sets the tone for the fall season

Black long-sleeved top $10: This was an easy buy  from K-mart, it’s from my favorite collection , Nicki Minaj Of course!

Faux Brown Leather Vest $7: This vest is from Conway, sadly these stores shut down last year. This vest goes with just about anything!

Blue Vintage  Christian Dior Robe:  You really can’t tell but if you look on my right side you may see some blue, I am actually wearing a vintage Christian Dior Robe. Never be afraid to convert a thin robe or pajama top into an outdoor look! I Believe with the confidence and creativity you can make it work! i,ve done it millon timmeesss

Pants $9: I snagged these pants from K-mart for just 9 bucks! They are from the Nicki Minaj Collection.

Air Jordan  14’s Sneakers: A lovely gift from my Boyfriend 🙂

Today’s Look : Creative Director Julissa E.


(Photo: Julissa E / IG @missmannequin85)

Creative Director Julissa E Hit the streets to day with a vintage colorful look! Yay or Nay?

“my 0utfit today was inspired by the change in weather! I adore colors so of course I put some on today! The long sweater jacket wrapped around my waist is there just in case I get cold. My sneakers are my fav from k-mart, they are a little beat up but its ok because i am constanly on the run!! My pants are from the Nicki Minaj line at K-mart and my top is thrift! my look is  colorful and affordable!” –Julissa E. 

Nicki Minaj Adds Swimwear to Her K-Mart Line


Hi StyleCeleb fans, Nicki Minaj has added swimwear to her KMart line, Just in time for the Summer!  The five suits in the line are priced at $34.99, and will be available at KMart!!! Check out one of the Swim Suits below!



StyleCeleb loves Nicki Minaj, congrats on the Kmart line, we can’t wait to wear one this summer.

Photos of Nicki Minaj are available on http://www.graylockphoto.com

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Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Nicki Minaj for KMart Harlequin Floral Dress

In case any of you Fashionistas missed the word, Nicki Minaj has her own line at K-mart. We must admit it is Fab! and best of all it is affordable! Check Out Nicki Minaj modeling her latest piece from the collection on Instagram. We think that the  Nicki Minaj for KMart Harlequin Floral Dress is fab and its only 30 bucks! available at K-mart Stores nationwide.