StyleCeleb Book Review:” Never Sleep Alone” By Dr. Alex Schiller



If your cooped up inside during weekend ( most likely due to weather circumstances for all you east coasters) it isn’t such a bad thing especially if you have some good reading material. I was stationed at home this weekend with my most recent book obsession “Never Sleep Alone “ (Simon & Schuster) By Dr. Alex Schiller. For the past three years in New York City, Dr. Alex (not a real doctor) has been performing her hit comedy and dating show “Never Sleep Alone” to sold out audiences, helping thousands of people from all over the world transform themselves and fulfill their sociosexual desires. Dr. Alex Schiller brings us excitement and thrills with her latest novel. Ladies and Gents if you are in need of a some 101 tips on Sex and how to be completely irresistible then this may just be the read for you! Packed with over 200 pages of sexiness, wisdom and humor its a read you can’t afford to miss. Although the book is filled with tons of sexiness don’t be surprised if you find that this book actually drops dozens of Gems about confidence! Yes that’s right confidence! I fell in love how this book focuses on loving yourself first and being comfortable with who you are before you try to upgrade your sex appeal for ANYONE!! This book is without a doubt a keeper! A Styleceleb Favorite!


“Never Sleep Alone” is the quintessential guide to live a life filled with adventure as it exposes what stalls people in dating and revels that with practice and boldness, people will become the one what everyone wants.

With her nine NSA Principles, her compulsively quotable NSA Truths, and her interactive NSA Challenges, Dr. Alex inspires us all to laugh at ourselves, to make real human connections, and, most importantly, to Never Sleep Alone.

Check out one our favorite NSA Principle from “Never Sleep Alone”!


NSA Principle 4: If you want to Never Sleep Alone you must be: FIRE







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