Yoga, Kohls and Vanessa Hudgens

Hi StyleCeleb Fans, Do you like Yoga? Shopping at Kohls, Vanessa Hudgens? Last week, StyleCeleb was with Vanessa Hudgens and Tracy Anderson for an outdoor, 100 person plus yoga class on the Highline in New York City. Yes we froze, but it was a wonderful time. Gaiam for Kohls has launched a new line of Yoga apparel, mats, accessories, that celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens wear and love. For over 2 blocks on the Highline, displays of all the latest Gaiam for Kohls apparel, Hannah Bronfman spinning the best tunes and Vanessa Hudgens contorting in the name of Namaste. We love the clothes and our new Gaiam Yoga Mat. Love Kohls. Photography by Jennifer Graylock-Getty for Kohls.

27E7E14700000578-0-image-m-101_1429840931409 27E7DEAB00000578-0-image-m-88_1429840712748 27E7D6D800000578-0-image-m-103_1429840959322 27E7D7A300000578-0-image-m-97_1429840803105 27E7E1B800000578-3053350-Yogi_Vanessa_Hudgens_showcased_her_yoga_talents_at_the_Kohl_s_ex-m-145_1429844769935 27E7D70F00000578-0-image-m-99_1429840900380 27E7E17600000578-0-image-m-86_1429840685158



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