Tutu’s & Kisses

I remember walking into the Patricia Field store over a decade ago in New York when I spotted this beauty of a skirt, because of life’s dramas she sat in my closet for way to long! Well she’s out and being worn in a city near you!

Skirt: Patricia Field $100

Tee Shirt: Marshalls $7.99

Glasses: Ali Express $8.00

Tights: Urban Outfitters $10.00

Sneakers: New Balance $49.99

Pug in The Background: PRICELESS 🙂

Princess Of The Pantry

I was suppose to be cooking last night but decided to shoot some photos instead, which makes me the Princess Of The Pantry.

Hat: Clearance at Rite Aid $4.99

Glasses: NYC Street Vendor $5.00

Necklace: A gift from Hawaii $0.00

Pocket Piece: My Mom’s Circa 1980’s

Stripe Button Down Shirt: Random Shop $7.99

Blue Button Down Shirt: Marshalls $12.99

Nostalgic Fashion: Boyz N The Hood Graphic Tee Shirt

I have always been a fan of old school gangsta movies! I have a whole collection of them and Boyz N The Hood is definitely in it! 30 years ago Director John Singleton took us to the streets of Compton in this iconic film and it is still a classic until this day!

This is why when I came across this Boyz N The Hood Tee I had to grab it! One of the best things about Fashion is that it lets you incorporate everything you love as a visual representation on your body. Check out how I included one of my favorite movies into one of my everyday looks.

Never be afraid to turn around a graphic tee and some jeans into instant glam with some pumps! To make this look more glam I added my stripped J. Crew pumps. I also rolled up the cuffs of the jeans because they looked short to me to avoid a total highwater disaster I just rolled them up a bit lol.

You can never go wrong with a vintage bag! and what’s cool is that you can grab one from your local thrift shop for under $10 dollars. Vintage bags are always fun because you know that they had a life before you and you can give them a new chapter with yours!

I Love my J. Crew Pumps!

I decided to complete this look with a vintage coat, looks like a raincoat to me but because it’s such a cute piece I will be wearing it rain or shine! I was happy to bring this piece out it was sitting in my closet for way to long! I got this about 4 years ago on sale for $1.00!

Before: Jeans with no cuff

After: Jeans Cuffed

Do you like the this look with the Jeans cuffed or not? I prefer them cuffed! These are actually Martha Stewart jeans I purchased for $10 during my random shopping trips!

Ok so back to this tee shirt

I found this tee at TJ Maxx, It’s literally no brand or anything. I was able to get this Iconic graphic tee for $9.99 you can’t beat that!

I found a BCBG bag on the street ( and it’s real!)

I was walking my Dog while listening to my favorite Podcast Save The Good Girl this morning and the coolest thing happened! I spotted this BCBG crossbody bag on the sidewalk, next to this beauty was tons of other stuff. It looks like someone was doing some spring cleaning and wanted to share their wealth! (Fun fact I used to work for BCBG over a decade ago!) This bag popped out to me immediately! I love the color and its the perfect size for all of your necessities.

So of course the first thing I did when I found this Bag was do some research! I had to find out as much info as I could about this treasure!

I found out that this is the Lucy Crossbody by BCBG Generation and it retails for $68.00!

Lesson Of The Day: Another Fashionista’s trash is another Fashionista’s treasure!

Quick Finds! DKNY Torie Camera Xbody Bag

I love shopping! I am a firm believer in treating yourself! This week I stopped by my local Marshalls store and came across this leopard printed bag from DKNY. I am not really into wearing anything with huge logos however the iconic brand grabbed me! Not to mention it’s made out of a cool puffer material that reminds me of a coat. This bag retails for $128.00 but I was able to get it for $29.00! You gotta love Marshalls.

A cute bag like this can be paired up with anything. I decided to rock my bag with an oversized vintage Burberry trench coat and some Puma sweats ( It was an easy day) and of course a good pair of Crocs ( leopard of course to match my bag!)


Just A Mess……

Have you ever felt like you were just a mess? Well if your like me the answer is YES! However I would like to encourage all of our Style Celeb readers to get creative in your mess and focus on your creative outlet! My creative outlet has always been Fashion! The more color the better! In my Mess I decided to rock my exclusive “Put ur S*** in ur bag and just go! Duffle bag. Just like that I put my issues in a bag and got fab and took these pics! Interested in the bag? Visit http://www.messinabottle.com and grab yours!