Quick Finds! DKNY Torie Camera Xbody Bag

I love shopping! I am a firm believer in treating yourself! This week I stopped by my local Marshalls store and came across this leopard printed bag from DKNY. I am not really into wearing anything with huge logos however the iconic brand grabbed me! Not to mention it’s made out of a cool puffer material that reminds me of a coat. This bag retails for $128.00 but I was able to get it for $29.00! You gotta love Marshalls.

A cute bag like this can be paired up with anything. I decided to rock my bag with an oversized vintage Burberry trench coat and some Puma sweats ( It was an easy day) and of course a good pair of Crocs ( leopard of course to match my bag!)


Just A Mess……

Have you ever felt like you were just a mess? Well if your like me the answer is YES! However I would like to encourage all of our Style Celeb readers to get creative in your mess and focus on your creative outlet! My creative outlet has always been Fashion! The more color the better! In my Mess I decided to rock my exclusive “Put ur S*** in ur bag and just go! Duffle bag. Just like that I put my issues in a bag and got fab and took these pics! Interested in the bag? Visit http://www.messinabottle.com and grab yours!

It’s The Mini Bag For ME! – Deluxity Handbags

I have never been a fan of Mini Handbags, however when I stumbled across these bags on a recent shopping trip I had an immediate change of heart! It all started when I decided to go shopping at one of my favorite stores MARSHALLS! ( We will get to that in another post lol). As I was browsing the aisles these popped out! Anyone who knows me is very well aware of my Chanel obsession so when I saw these little mini quilted beauties it was a wrap! What I loved even more was the price! I was able to snag these for $9.99 each! Now I will be honest with you guys, this is not your typical everyday bag. This bag is ideal if you running some quick errands or your going on a date. You can fit your favorite lipstick, some cash and your credit cards. You can totally combine these mini beauties with any look! I like to rock mine with some crocs or some heels.

You can find these bags online or at your local Marshalls store. Which color will you be getting?

Spring Forward With Fila


The spring season is approaching and I had to bring in the new season in right with a classic brand. Fila has always been one for my favorite brands, their iconic pieces have been around since I was a child. Every time I wear a Fila piece I am filled with such a great feeling of nostalgia. I can been seen here wearing one of my favorite coats which is the Fila Keon Jacket.

I was feeling extra so I added my fav Fila bag and kicks.


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Customizing Fun With Crocs

I was never a fan of Crocs, but sometime last year I fell for the unique shoe that has made this brand so iconic. At first glace the Croc is not the most fancy shoe, I mean it looks like a slipper with holes all over it! However looks can be deceiving. As soon as I put these shoes on I felt like I was walking on clouds! The average cost for a pair is $45, unique pairs can run you a little bit more. The best thing about these shoes is that you can customize them. Yep those holes serve a purpose! You can customize your shoe with Jibbitz. Jibbitz’s come in all shapes and themes. You can find a Jibbit for just about everything to add to your shoe. Check out my latest pair of Pepper colored Crocs and how I transformed them into my own. All my Jibbitz were purchased on Etsy.



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