The Lego Movie Elizabeth Banks

Hi StyleCeleb fans, We were at the New York screening of The Lego Movie hosted by The Cinema Society with stars Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pratt and Liam Neeson. StyleCeleb had the opportunity to speak with Elizabeth Banks:

How do you like being a director? Its fantastic, lots of work, long process, you know it takes a year to finish a project, working on Pitch Perfect 2.

What are you working one now? In the middle of filming the latest Hunger Games, flying back tonight, and working on Pitch Perfect 2, very busy.

StyleCeleb is very excited Elizabeth is working on our favorite sequels, can’t wait for the next premiere. Thank you Elizabeth Banks, you are a StyleCeleb fav for both fashion and acting.

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Hunger Games Catching Fire LA vs NYC

The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast have been on the move from West to East in a bevy of premieres. Which premiere did Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks pull off the red carpet glam? Have to say LA, the fashion at the New York premiere was a bit lack luster. Color and fashion drama rule any red carpet, LA was the clear winner…

What matters is the movie, Hunger Games Catching Fire is red-hot, action packed, and visually exciting, StyleCeleb says it’s a must see!

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