Awesome Mini Flat Iron

The Barbar Cordless Mini Max Titanium Flat Iron is AWESOME, yes it is and here is why:

Its a mini Flat Iron, it fits in your purse, perfect to take anywhere, comes with a heat shield carrying case as well. Its cordless and can be charged with a USB charger, but thats not the best part. If you are out and your phone battery in on empty, just plug it into your Barbar Cordless Mini Max Titanium Flat Iron and get an instant charge. This is one of the smartest new products I’ve tried. Thank you 2017 GBK’s Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters Lounge for featuring this fantastic smart product.

Acessories We Love: LuLu Avenue Designs By Judefrances

Jewelry is the best accessory in any wardrobe. Jewelry can either make or break your look. What we love about Jewelry is that it is in style every season! That’s why is important to always put your best accessories forward! This year at Fashion week at the GBK Gifting lounge Style Celeb had the opportunity to snag an exclusive piece from the LuLu Avenue collection, The Madrid Double Wrap (see picture below).


Madrid double wrap $59.00


Lulu Avenue Designs by  Judefrances is a fabulous accessories line that provides affordable luxury Jewelry. Each piece is inspired by the ancient Celtic and Chinese knot characters symbolizing love, trust and harmony, the LuLu Avenue love knot represents the union of the three unique founders to create one harmonious company. If you’re looking for fabulous and affordable Jewelry we encourage you to check out LuLu Avenue Designs!

“Lulu Avenue is more than just Jewelry, it’s a lifestyle”

For more information on these fab accessories please visit: