American Music Awards Fashion Honors

The American Music Awards brought out the experimental fashion crowd. Styleceleb was there as Lady Gaga arrived on a puppet white horse wearing Versace almost looking like Mariah Carey? Hands down, Lady Gaga owned the red carpet with her white steed. Wow, that was an entrance.

Katy Perry glided down the carpet in a goth like fairy princess gown, Miley Cyrus kept her tongue in and strutted a white suit with Wayne Newton and Billy Ray Cyrus. Kesha with her multi colored hair, black dress ala Angelia Jolie and tipsy walk on the carpet (her assistant had to help her through the entire press line). Taylor Swift doing her best impression of Barbarella and Christina Aguilera in a white cut out dress and very thin toned body stole the show.

Photos can be seen at

~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~AMA_Gaga53111 ~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~AMA_Gaga54011

~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~DSC_2561 ~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~DSC_2787 ~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~Kesha7808 ~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~AMA_Perry4678 ~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~AMA_Cyrus52351 ~Entertainment~20131124~American_Music_Awards_Arrivals~AMA_Cyrus_Newton52861


G.B.F. LA Premiere After party

G.B.F, Gay Best Friend LA Premiere After Party was held a Beachers Madness in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Amazing quirky place with yummy Yacht Club Vodka table service. The Stars of G.B.F. as well as Director Darren Stein, producers, movie execs, guests, etc were treated to a special performance by Jojo. Beachers Madness is a wild ride time with amazon women, little people flying through the air, worlds oldest male stripper, hip hop violinist, and StyleCeleb favorite, mini version of Lady Gaga performance with stripper pole. Yes, you have to see to believe…

photos can be seen at

~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7229 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_6759 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_6795 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_6832 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7267 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7313 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7317-2

Want to Look Like Lady Gaga?

Hi StyleCeleb fans,

Lady Gaga, singer, performance artist, Pop Icon. You can look like the pop diva with a short trip to Ricky’s New York either in person or online and a little crafting.

Lady Gaga at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards wore white pancake make up, super high stilettos with beads attached and a crazy teased out wig all by Fashion designer Thom Browne. You know that costume must have cost thousands, but you can create your own for under $100. Here’s what you need: Glue gun, pearl beads of difference sizes (you can get a Michaels or other craft store), thrift store pair of stilettos, a wig from Ricky’s, try the British Candy Wig for $44.99, comb, hairspray, and for the dress, thrift store finds in white, try the bridal section.

Now your set to be a Lady Gaga little monster.

Photos can be seen at

~Entertainment~20131111~Glamour_Women_of_the_Year_Awards~DSC_4815 ~Entertainment~20131111~Glamour_Women_of_the_Year_Awards~DSC_5949