G.B.F. LA Premiere After party

G.B.F, Gay Best Friend LA Premiere After Party was held a Beachers Madness in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Amazing quirky place with yummy Yacht Club Vodka table service. The Stars of G.B.F. as well as Director Darren Stein, producers, movie execs, guests, etc were treated to a special performance by Jojo. Beachers Madness is a wild ride time with amazon women, little people flying through the air, worlds oldest male stripper, hip hop violinist, and StyleCeleb favorite, mini version of Lady Gaga performance with stripper pole. Yes, you have to see to believe…

photos can be seen at http://www.graylockphoto.com

~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7229 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_6759 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_6795 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_6832 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7267 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7313 ~Entertainment~20131119~GBF_Premiere_Afterparty~DSC_7317-2

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